Experience Marketing Agency

Thanks to the virality of social media sharing, engagement and experiential marketing have become the cornerstones of marketing campaigns. There are very few methods of advertising that produce such great and consistent results with the most variable of budgets. Working with an experience marketing agency ensures your message gets seen, heard and shared!

Experiential marketing is a strategy that immerses customers in your product or brand through an event, showcase or other ‘experience’. These can range from demonstrations to galas, anything from a photo booth hire at a venue-hosted event or a massive boat party on a luxury vessel river cruise.

Marketing experiences works because humans are natural storytellers. We are more likely to remember experiences tied to our emotions and our senses than we are to traditional media, particularly in the age of ad-skipping and premium subscriptions.

So why is experiential marketing so effective?

Novelty, emotional connection and tying concepts to landmark events have all been shown to increase recall in storytelling, e.g. you’re more likely to remember a fun holiday on the beach than you are a random salesperson at the supermarket.

Elements of a Great Experience Marketing Campaign

It should focus on the brand message: Storytelling is an essential part of experiences; you want your audience to invest in your story and then pass it along to others, whether by word of mouth or on their socials. More shares = more investment, even way after your event is over.

It should be customer focused: If you aren’t paying attention to what your consumers want in your brand, you may as well be invisible to them. Focus on what makes your brand unique: are you eco-friendly? Are you family orientated? Are you focused on health and wellbeing? Figure out your target audience and show them the values they want to see.

Draw in your audience: If a customer is already in the same space as you, capture their interest! Your customers are bower birds and you’re the shiny trinket: bring them in and then hold their attention by showing them how great your brand is!

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