Engagement Marketing

Engagement marketing is the new normal for brands and business who want to interact at a deeper level with their fans and customers. While not entirely gone, traditional forms of advertising are slowly dying. You may have felt the sting particularly in recent times; people are struggling to connect with brands and brands are struggling to connect with their target audience.Engagement marketing uses tools, content and resources to ‘engage’ their target demographic and form long lasting connections. You likely already interact with brands using these strategies…have you ever answered a poll on Twitter from a fast food company? Have you ever taken a free photo at a pop-up branded photo booth? Do you attend conventions or trade shows? Then you’ve been the target demographic for someone’s engagement marketing campaign. Photo Booth Hire Melbourne features photo booths suited to this type of interactive, highly dynamic form of sharing, known as branded photography.

Engagement Marketing Styles

Experiential marketing: focused on creating experiences for marketing (usually in the form of events) to engage the customer.

On-site activations: an event or experience that occurs at your office or workplace. May include tours, family events, or open days.

Industry or trade shows: where everyone gets a chance to interact with your product (and your competition).

Sampling and free trials. Giving something away for nothing, without expectation- can be a great way to introduce people to a product or brand.

Digital marketing: Blogs, social media, and any other form of digital advertising.

So why do these forms of marketing work better than the campaigns before them? Well, our audience has had a significant glow up since print media was the king of marketing. We’ve seen a lot of changes, particularly when it comes to millennials. Did you know that 78% of millennials prefer an experience over a material item? That’s a huge audience you’ve been missing if you’re not engaging them.

How Else Has Our Audience Changed?

Consumer value content. If you can create content (and we know you want to for that sweet SEO) then you should be doing it regularly! The more content you put out, the more consumers will share it, the more they will engage.
Consumers want to choose. Being pestered to hang out with someone is no fun. It’s no different when it’s a brand. If they like what you’re putting out, they’ll come to you…you just have to get out there first!

Word of mouth is crucial. Did you know that according to Kimberley Whitler of Forbes, word of mouth marketing has been identified as the most valuable form of marketing that leads to sales for your company? According to Nielsen, over 90% of consumers believe the recommendation of friends or family over all other forms of advertising! This is a marketing powerhouse that you need to keep in mind when planning your engagement marketing campaign. Seek to create unique activation’s that will keep you in your attendees minds and leave them talking about their experiences with family and friends!

Melbourne Brand Activations help create memorable brand experiences for your consumers through the use of our ipad photo booths. These photo booths include social media integration which means your consumers will be splashing their images with your branded overlay all over their socials creating a powerful word of mouth for your brand. Everyone instantly becomes a brand ambassador and has fun in the process which creates fond attachments to your brand!

Check in with us to see how we can help amplify your next brand activation.